The Asia Bibi Case In Pakistan Must Drink for Each of Us In India


Although in states, the importance for all of us in India of this circumstance is the simple fact that zealots triggered by defiance and resistance into a Supreme Court decision it. The chief of the TLP (Tehreek -i-Labback), leading into violent protests, said:”They want our country to become royal” Secularism is. Additionally, we see leaders of this party against the Supreme Court when judgements that the Sabarimala temple case are not to their liking in India defiance and risks. They ordered protests paralyzing Pakistan for 3 times, also called for the killing of all their judges hate address and language. Minister Imran Khan’s address was welcomed by citizens . He said”it’s the work of the central government to execute the very best courtroom order” and cautioned protesters of stern actions whenever they tried to confront the country.

Yet far from any activities, in 3 days of the protests, his government capitulated, surrendered before extremist forces and signed up a suspicious five-point arrangement utilizing the TLP. The government promised it would not challenge any review of the Supreme Court decision and it might start the legal process to put Asia Bibi regarding the”Exit Control List”, which might prohibit her from leaving the country regardless of the court ruling. The penalty was affirmed by the Lahore High Court in 2014. Because he opposed the legislation which has been and had defended against Asia the size of hatred had been revealed from Punjab Governor Salman Taseer together with his safety guard’s murder in January 2011. Asia was incarcerated in solitary confinement for eight years on death row.

It was in this history the Supreme Court declared its judgment October 31. It Was given by a chair of Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar together with his fellow judges Asif Sayed Khan Khosa and Mazhar Alam Khan Miankhel. The decision held that there is no evidence, the prosecution’s case against Asia is full of contradictions and the seven witnesses also have made statements. The court claimed that the statement of innocence made by Asia Bibi when she had been billed.

She had shared with a moving accounts of what had happened daily. She worked at a field united with 25 to 30 women. Desired water. She offered to get in case her insulted them water. Asia said:”They refused stating I am Christian, so they won’t accept water. Over this the quarrel started and also a few (angry ) words have been exchanged between both” There was no criticism such as this…I’m oblivious of any Muslim notion… how do I use such embarrassing and derogatory words”

The judges said that none of those other women present throughout the battle, apart from both sisters, said. Opinions were made by Justice Khosa, while her acquittal was consented to by 3 judges. .

Along with the black bear taken by the police, Asia’s future is uncertain. Asia is still carried to an undisclosed place in Islamabad and has been discharged from a prison at Multan. The government has announced she is”being awarded security” Although is her nearest and dearest, if she wants, she’s to leave Pakistan, the hurdles are obvious. Most of us know them. We will need to raise our voices in solidarity when she desires to desire and the Pakistan authorities ensure security and her security, make certain her death.


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