Nanu Ki Jaanu Movie Review: We Deserve Better Patralekhaa And Abhay Deol


The spirits of just two genres – horror and humor – are awarded an unceremonious burial in Nanu Ki Jaanu, a jumble that’s both funny and dreadful, neither of that can be intentional. The Faraz Haider-directed movie plods its way through a plot that’s as eccentric as hell – a woman who dies in a street accident becomes a ghost and haunts a conman who picked her from a pool of blood and hurried her into a hospital – until culminating in an ice factory where the spirit of the deceased teaches the dwelling something or two about life. Cold comfort!

Abhay Deol, in the Joyful Bhag Jayegi of his very first outing because 2016, looks unhappy as he takes the load of the jumble of a film on his shoulders. It is an sight: that the celebrity tries difficult to hold on to his sanity, but that’s a tough ask in a movie where the actors don’t stand a ghost of a chance of climbing above the script that is crazy and rickety.

Not Abhay Deol Ki Jaanu paints of its celebrities, including Himani Shivpuri and the Rajesh Sharma and cut them. With what’s worse compared to the usual part patralekhaa, who’s assumed to be the lead, is fobbed off. She must make do hovering in the background in a that’s aimed at scaring the protagonist. She does raise a few laughs, although he does shed his head. Her fault what extent does a celebrity playing with a woman whose dad has selected to trap her into a ice slab have of’living’ her function?

Deol plays with a Noida offender who loses his spunk, Nanu. The experience of visiting a life ebbing pushes him. The transformation baffles his group members. A ghost is in his chimney. The occult hasn’t been odious.

The soul, that loses no chance to claim that she’s a push out to reestablish order is. She is.

Nanu Ki Jaanu is a picture of this 2014 Tamil struck Pisaasu. Due acknowledgment is apportioned to Mysskin and Bala, the producer and director respectively reviews. This version isn’t a patch.

The movie starts off as a crime drama, then veers to terror, and eventually becomes a hurried whodunit as the protagonist and the deceased woman’s distraught father (Rajesh Sharma) go searching for hints to nail the shout culprit. The movie is not, however, considering the world that is actual: its remainder is.

Takes refuge in a chimney at the flat at a housing complicated of the titular character. Nanu settles into a intimate connection with all all the soul, rather than just professes love and serenades her, after he’s taken the shocks in his stride. It becomes a movie worth its title, although love actually is a chimera.

To make certain that the audience doesn’t go home the movie doles out messages: always wear a helmet when driving a two-wheeler put your cellular phone when you push and adopt honesty. This can be delivered in the guy who tried to rescue her and the span of a exchange involving the soul and her father.

At one stage, Deol’s character informs you of those gangsters,”Bandh kar apni gandi behaving (Cease your poor acting)”. You did! That recognition doesn’t dawn on some of the celebrities, as they are from the ghost of this movie’s mediocrity owned.


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