Modi, Shah may want elections instead of this hotchpotch govt, says JD (S) supremo Deve Gowda


Janata Dal (Secular) national president states BJP leadership in the center and in Karnataka aren’t collectively

This triggered speculation changing alignments in Karnataka politics, months following the collapse of this Congress–JD(S) coalition authorities and following war of words between leaders of both parties. Excerpts:

There’s a feeling now that you’re going soft on Prime Minister Modi.

I don’t criticise unnecessarily. I’ve got the habit of enjoying great work and I won’t be afraid to speak when he slips. Additionally, I’m not prepared to take that Mr. Modi hasn’t done anything in any way. It isn’t about being hard or soft. I’ve no specific likes or dislikes.

Can there be a political message on your trip to the Statue of Unity?

I’d also sanctioned $ two crore for a memorial. I just appreciated it had been the greatest statue.

Why are JD(S) leaders under some pressure in the Centre?

It’s left to the investigating agencies to perform what they wish to do. We’ve got nothing to worry. I won’t criticise the investigating agencies . I’ve advised [the former Chief Minister] H.D. Kumaraswamy to proceed and reply if he’s called from the CBI with regard to phone-tapping situation or the IMA case. It won’t be accurate to conscience if any Chief Minister or Prime Minister states that phone-tapping didn’t occur under his regime.

What do you consider this B.S. Yediyurappa-led BJP government?

Frankly, I believe Mr. Yediyurappa took oath as Chief Minister although they [the BJP central direction ] wasn’t interested. Mr. Modi and [Home Minister] Amit Shah wish to go for elections rather than the hotchpotch government. I’m not certain that the fundamental and State direction are collectively.

Are you going to amuse thwarted BJP leaders and discipline them at the bypolls?

I can’t anticipate anything. We shouldn’t be shocked when the State goes for elections. They [the BJP central direction ] may think about opting for Assembly elections rather than having unnecessary issues from the Karnataka unit. They’re collecting information.

Do not you believe a broken Opposition will operate in favour of the BJP government?

We’ll struggle independently. We won’t go to anyone’s doorstep. He wasn’t even in the Meeting when Mr. Kumaraswamy spoke throughout the three- day session lately.

The Congress would like to hurt me. [The former Congress president] Rahul Gandhi calling me that the’B-team of BJP’ within my house district caused us losing 26 seats to the BJP [from the 2018 Meeting elections]. Otherwise, we’d have more than 60 chairs. In addition they wooed one or two Muslim leaders that have been with me. Nobody will question my authenticity or secular credentials.


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